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Madeline Stuart used NYFW to send a message to the fashion world.

In the midst of the most iconic week in the fashion industry, we've seen fifty shades of yellow, seaside stripes, shoulder cut-outs, and waist-cinchers. But there's one headline making it's way around the world.

We saw her on the New York Fashion Week Runway in 2016, and in 2017 she took the runway by storm with the debut of her own clothing line. Twenty-year-old Madeline Stuart from Brisbane suffers from down-syndrome and has left the fashion world in awe after her performance earlier this year at the New York Fashion Show. 

Her 2017 collection, "21 Reasons Why" featured sporty leggings, crop tops and skirts. An inspirational line, purposed for everyone to feel comfortable and good about themselves. Madeline's aim is to change the world's perception on people with Down-Syndrome, and show anyone can be beautiful.

Madeline's appearance on the runway is opening up the fashion industry to a wider community of inclusion and diversity. By challenging industry norms, fashion and in turn, beauty, can become something we no longer just look up to, but can physically achieve. Stereotypes to "look a certain way" to be included can now be broken, and the perceptions of fashion are able to be changed.


Photo: Rueters


David Bowie once said "Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming." Madeline's new line embodies this message, thinking of a brighter future where people with disabilities are included and accepted in all industries. Fashion is going beyond money, and becoming a way to have societal impact. It has become an intersection for change, and can be used as an industry to bring people together from all walks of life.

In a prime position to make a positive change to the fashion community, Madeline is an important face and a representation of diversity. Her new line is aimed towards a large consumer base, where a new cultural ideal of fashion can be consumed.

21 Reasons Why can be purchased online only.


Header credit: Reuters 


Clare Reid What a stunning article about how fashion is in such clear support of diversity and self-expression. No longer can this industry be called a 'one-size fits all' narrow field.

  • 8 months ago
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