29/03/2017 11:50

Our eyes are not deceiving us, Levi's latest dreamy denim design is not like anything before.

For most, driving to work is either a financial or logistical nightmare which forces us to find other ways to commute. So we take the practical approach and cycle, walk, run, or jump on public transport where we are usually packed in like sardines. So what could make this routine any better? Smart Clothing, of course!

Google and Levis have combined forces to mix fashion with technology to make something relevant in today's lifestyle. A jacket that wirelessly connects to our smart phone? Could something be any more perfect? No more awkward attempts to change songs, answer the phone or get directions while on the morning commute! 

As part of Levis' 'Commuter' collection, the  Commuter Trucker Jacket has a digital tag built into the left arm, that wirelessly connects the jacket's cuff to a mobile phone. With the inbuilt 'jacquard' technology, those who don the jacket will be able to answer the phone, send texts, play songs and get directions just by moving an arm. Remove the tag, and the entire garment becomes washable and durable - just like Levi's regular clothing.


Photo: Levi's


Paul Dillinger, the head of global product innovation for Levi Strauss & Co., has immersed himself in fashion, creating a go-to functional jacket that consumers can wear three or more times a week. He wanted the jacket to have value and be used often as a piece of outerwear. Teaming up with Ivan Poupyrev, the lead for Google’s Advanced Technologies and Projects (ATAP) unit, they created a user-interface design and interactive technology to be immersed into the fabric.

We thought we'd seen everything but we were clearly wrong, and now we can't wait for what the tech (and fashion giants) think of next.

Available from September this year, the jacket will cost approximately $350 - we are hoping we can get our hands on it in Australia,

Main photo: Levi's


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