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Party without the problems.

Festival season is here and it couldn't be more exciting! Deciding what to wear and how to style yourself is half the fun, but being struck with a fashion dilemma on the day is a drag. Let’s get you prepared. Keep reading to find out the small steps which make big differences so you have a dilemma-free day!


#1 Fry-girl

You will be outdoors from morning to night, so let’s start with step one. Before you apply your makeup, make sure the first thing you do is add a layer of sunscreen to protect your skin from frying! Mecca Cosmetica has released a sunscreen that’s SPF 50 and lightweight. A cult favorite for wearing under makeup.


Buy Mecca Cosmetica Superscreen ($18)


#2 Smudging and budging

Dancing, sweat and potential rain can rub off the eyeliner and shadow you spent an hour getting right, and the lipstick line you worked to perfection. While stopping by at Mecca, pick up this eye primer to set your shadows and eyeliner, all-day concealer and waterproof mascara by Too Faced - guaranteed to not budge all day. Finish off your look with a smudge-free lipstick like the Hourglass ultra slim refillable lipstick.

Mini madness: Mini sizes solve the issue of not having enough room in your bag.


Shop Too Faced Hangover Primer ($46)

Shop Too Faced "Born This Way" Mini Concealer  ($17)


Shop Too Faced "Better Than Sex" Waterproof Mascara ($33)


Buy Hourglass Refillable Lipstick ($49)


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#3 Extreme hair fall out

Jumping and dancing around in the heat never does wonders for your hair. It’s a beast of a problem we all face (and if you don’t, you are envied by 99.9% of women.) Sometimes drowning your hair in hairspray doesn’t quite do the trick, or result in the hairstyle you were really hoping for. Luckily, the mini Models Prefer hairbrush and Lady Jayne bobby pins have come to the rescue!


Shop  Models Prefer Mini Hairbrush ($4)


Shop Lifesaving Lady Jayne Bobby Pins ($4)


#4 Thrill spills

Unfortunately, having drinks spilt on your outfit is the most common dilemma experienced at a festival. While it can’t be avoided, (because it’s never your fault) Mecca Maxima have makeup wipes small enough to be slipped into your purse. Holding 10 wipes per pack, just the right amount to wipe up every spillage. Secondly, this multi-use treasure will function as a quick fix for any running or smudged makeup (if you didn't get the change to buy anti. Mac Fix+ is another product on double-duty - a spray which can set your makeup AND act as a facial refresher to hydrate depleted skin.

Pro tip: If spillage occurs, remember – dab don’t wipe!


Find Mecca Face Off Wipes ($7)

Buy Mac Fix+ Makeup Setting Spray ($32)


#5 The 'girls' popping out

So your outfit checks all the boxes for on-trend but is risque? Not a problem! Check out these Hollywood fashion tape containers – tiny enough to fit in your bag but big enough to hold enough tape needed for the day.

Find them at Priceline.


Find The Original! Hollywood Fashion Tape ($16)


Fit all your dilemma-solving minis into a cross-body bag for convenient storage.


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