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Let Australian YouTubers show you how it’s done.

Do you need to wash your hair but you’re not mentally prepared to dry it? Maybe you have an early morning tomorrow and you’re looking for a quick style to get you through the day? Or maybe, you’re out of ways you can use dry shampoo to fix the greasy mess that beholds you.


Whoever and wherever you are - we’ve got the solution for you and we promise you’ll never have to worry about your hair looking bad again. Check out some of our favourite dirty hairstyles below, and see what we throw together when feeling all of the above!


#1 The low bun

It’s time to upgrade your bun ladies! And what better way than with a cute, messy braid running around the side of your head? It’s new, it’s fun and it’s the perfect way to hide your dirty hair. For a style that works even better when your hair is messy, try creating a low bun with a braided or embellished headband.

How it's done: Check out Australian local, Chloe Morello's tutorial.


#2 The Fishtail Braid

If you’re reading this and still haven’t learnt how to fishtail your own hair - there’s no better time than the present. Hide those dirty locks with this ultra-cute and ultra-feminine look. Once you master this technique, you’ll want to do it every day. What are you waiting for?


Hair hack: If you leave the style in overnight, the day after you’ll have curls to die for.

Check out: Hair Romance by Christina Butcher with a tutorial of this super cute way to style your fishtail braid.



#3 The high pony

A classic and easy go-to look for many of the busy women out there. Add a little volume with some dry shampoo, slick it back and you’re ready to go. No dry shampoo? You can squirt a more than generous amount of hairspray from the roots to the pony and comb through, for that sleek, wet look. For a beautiful and elegant way to show off your face and control those greasy locks, try this timeless look.


Get the look: Asha Tregear takes the floor.



#4 Half-up, half-down

If the top of your hair is giving you grief with dirty roots, but your ends still look amazing, this look is the perfect solution to get you through the day. You can straighten or curl the ends, giving you endless possibilities to customise this look to suit your style.


Extra tip: Add a twist to your half-up for an extra ‘wow’ factor!

Recreate Ariana Grande’s look: Our girl Shani Grimmond teaches us below.



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#5 Messy Top Knot

An obvious crowd pleaser for dirty hair, the Messy Top Knot has to be a part of every girls hairstyle repertoire. The secret to this look, the more dry shampoo and sculpting spray - the better! Gather your loose ends with bobby pins, and you’re good to go.


Try it yourself: Danielle Mansutti owns it.



#6 Relaxed Beach Waves

Master the perfect bed head with this look! Using a curling wand and some dry shampoo, create loose waves with the thick end of your wand. Simply brush them out with your fingers to create a simple, stylish and everyday look. Purposefully messy hair has never looked so good!


Add glamour: Perfect your beach waves with one of Chloe Morello's very first videos which is still relevant today. She has since grown over 2.4 million subscribers.



Pick any of these 6 super easy looks and transform your hair from it’s been ‘three days since my last shampoo’ look into a messy style with intention!




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