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Go from casual to glam in your beloved playsuit, the easy way.

One of the best things about summer fashion is playsuits. Flirty and a little bit cheeky,  they are always a go-to for daytime – baring enough skin for a touch of sexiness without being too over the top. But what happens when the sun goes down, and you’re looking to take your playsuit out to paint the town red?


Don’t be too quick to label your playsuit as only suitable for A.M. hours – it can be easily transformed with the right styling. Before you know it, you’d be ready to hit the clubs with your girl gang or even have a romantic dinner with your beau in your cute little number. Here’s how:


#1 Bling it on

A little bling never hurts. Depending on the colour and neckline of your playsuit, you can dress it up with accessories. One golden rule to follow when it comes to how far you go with piling on the bling? The more skin you’re showing, the more space there is to dress up. If your outfit is solid in colour, go bold with heavy, ornamental pieces. For printed and multi-colour playsuits, opt for layering delicate necklaces for a whimsical look. Leave statement neck-pieces for when your shoulders are bare.

Style tip: Stacking on bangles on your arm or big gold hoop earrings are the perfect complement to high necklines. See our recommendations below.


Shop Alice McCall Stuck on You Playsuit ($360)


Night transformation: Witchery Panama Hoops ($40)


#2 What a waist

Never underestimate the power of what a piece of leather or fabric can do for your playsuit. While a flowy number looks casual and great in the day, stretching its longevity out to manage double duty can be as simple as using a belt to cinch your waist. Not only does this move instantly dress up your outfit, it also shows off yourcurves. Patterned and jeweled belts are great for a chic black playsuit, but you can also pare things back with a minimalist thin leather belt with a metal buckle. See our recommendations below.


Shop Glamourous Black Daisy Print Playsuit ($68)


Night transformation: Dylan Kain Black The Brooklyn Belt Light Gold ($110)


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#3 Step up

Okay Cinderella, time to leave your flats at home and step into some seriously fancy footwear before the clock strikes midnight. Remember, when it comes to picking the heel height to match your playsuit, the higher they are, the closer you get to heaven. Strappy stilettos and pointy pumps won’t fail you in this department and, while you’re at it, don’t be a wallflower.

Try: Colours and finishes that are out of your comfort zone such as neon pop, patent shine or a blinged-out pair of wow. See our recommendations below.


Shop Zimmermann Painted Heart Cascade Playsuit ($650)


Night transformation: Diavolina Black Adore Black Pumps from Zomp ($220)


#4 No cold shoulders

Temperatures dip when it gets dark, so you need  a cover-up to keep warm and of course, dress up your night-time number. A trusty leather biker jacket should always be in your wardrobe, and if you’re looking to go all-out, reach for that embellished jacket that you’ve been saving for a fancy date. Even if it’s feeling a bit balmy out for layering, simply perch your jacket over your shoulders like all the fashion editors do – instant chic points. See our recommendations below.


Shop Bardot Botanical Playsuit ($100)


Dion Lee Black Leather Biker Jacket
Night transformation: Dion Lee Black Leather Biker Jacket ($1590)


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