Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I add more than one brand in my account?
One brand can list all their shop locations on one account. If you are an owner of more than one brand, you will need to create another account under a different brand name.

I don't like/don't agree with a review on my store. What can I do?
MOF is a place where shoppers can have a voice. Not all reviews are going to be positive ones, and that’s ok. We encourage shoppers to be honest, and brands to be understanding to those who have had a negative experience. The brands which consider all reviews as a chance to learn and get feedback, are the brands that will benefit the most from this community.

How do I advertise my shop on MOF?
MOF is a platform for you to showcase your brand in many ways. To find out more get in touch at

Should I contact a user who has been reviewing my brand?
No. Shopper reviews are for constructive and actionable feedback, and the only way to respond is to respond directly to the review itself. Remember, the fashion community is watching, so we always encourage positive comments from retailers, no matter what the review. Reviews are designed to help shoppers have a better experience with your brand, so embrace them and the people who post them.

How can I can I improve my reviews in my store?
The best way to improve your reviews is to provide great service and products to your customers. Our website encourages retailers to improve and maintain their in-store customer experience and, by getting involved on MOF, retailers and brand owners will gain further insights and knowledge on how to do that.

What is the benefit of claiming a store? Why should I claim it?
By claiming your brand or store location, you can control your store location listings and be seen by more shoppers by adding tags, categories, age, gender, price, correct opening hours and brand images. You can also better communicate with your customers by responding to reviews and interacting directly with them.

How do I get more people to visit my store page or my brand on MOF?
Encouraging shoppers to review your brand or shop listing means you will be featured in the news feed more often and therefore seen by more people. Also, the more you are reviewed the higher you are ranked in our search results.

How does being involved with MOF help my brand?
By being listed on MOF you are promoting your brand to a fashion-specific audience. MOF will provide your brand with opportunities to be featured in articles, list events and brand promotions and connect with shoppers and industry professionals. MOF is also committed to helping retailers by providing them with customer experience insights and the latest fashion new and retail trends from around the globe.

How do correct details of my brand or store listings?
Claiming your brand will give you the control to edit each of your shop location details through your dashboard. Just click on your brand image at the top right and navigate to your “Dashboard”. From here, you can edit each shop location to edit opening hours, store locations, brand images, price, gender, age and categories.

The MOF team have done their very best to ensure data integrity when it comes to listing your shop location and brand, however we recommend you claim your listing to ensure accuracy and to be found by the right customers.


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