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You won't believe what they are.

#1 | Highlighter heaven

Under eye bags and imperfections be gone! Travel size and great for carrying around in your handbag, make sure to get it for those Monday mornings in the office when coffee isn’t doing the trick. Delivering a light-weight satin finish and promising to banish those pesky blemishes by colour correcting, this little highlighter face pen is a foolproof way to ensure you’re looking fresh all day long.

highlighter concealer pen chanel luxe makeup
Get the Chanel Eclat Lumiere ($65)


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#2 | Multitasking pro

For those of us who haven’t mastered the innate art of using lipstick for 5000 different things (me!) Bobbi Brown have created the pot rouge, a compact multitasking cream. Blend into your cheeks for a stunning blush or blot into your lips for a soft, stained finish.  Nine shades are on offer so there’s no reason to not get your hands on these babies.

Top Tip: For dry skin, be sure to moisturize first.


bobbi brown rouge pot cream blush lipstick multiuse product
Buy the Bobbi Brown Rouge Pot ($50)


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#3 | Extreme dimension

If you had to choose one product to always have on hand, it has to be the MAC 3D Black Lash Mascara. The weightless formula coats lashes from root to tip, adding volume, length and creating curl. Say goodbye to clumping and flaking because this ultimate mascara takes that pain away with a mega brush that applies just the right amount of product each time. This holy grail mascara is one we recommend 100%.


MAC 3D black mascara
Find the MAC 3D Black Lash Mascara ($42)


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