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Are you trying to build a personal brand and get paid consistently? In this short course we will have a look at your copy, your design and your positioning and give practical feedback so you can apply changes immediately.

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What we cover?


  • You’re a Sales professional who wants a competitive edge and more career progression

  • You’re a Sales managers who needs a motivated team that can hit consistent KPI’s

  • You’re a Business owners who need to drive sales and reduce costs

  • Your income is tied to your sales ability

  • You’re interested in behavioural psychology and influential communication

  • You’ve brand new to sales and new to fastback your success

  • You’ve a season pro who wants a new perspective and a fresh look at sales

Get started 

Meet your mentor?

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Learn from today’s fashion leaders. I’d like to share a little story from the real world

In 2007 I Open in 2007 on the eve of the GF and online and fast fashion but still achieved

Our programs director is not only the creator and coach but he’s also a business practitioner who built one of the most successful fashion retail businesses…

Dedicated to fashion professionals

Stop wasting time and money on automated programs designed for anyone,

all of MOF's programs are tailored specifically for you, the fashion professional

 People who take this program say …


 ✔ I am now more equipped to deal with conflict

 ✔ I am better able to navigate personal relationships

 ✔ I find selling easier and a lot more fun

 ✔ I now understand how to market their products or service more effectively”

 ✔ I can now influence win win situations in all aspects of their business life

I ✔  understand people more which means they can provide and inspire more

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