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Get a head start or elevate your career with fashion-specific programs designed for retailers, stylists and fashion entrepreneurs

See what's possible



At MOF we build people…

Our programs are delivered by real-world industry leaders who care about one thing - your success. We take a blended-learning approach providing you with practical solutions so you get what you came for.  Our programs are fun, engaging and results-driven so you become the best version of yourself. 

A blended-learning approach

The best way to learn and retain information is through a blended-learning approach, and that's exactly what we offer with our MOF programs, short courses and mentorships.


Are you a fashion retailer?

Do you want to build a highly effective sales team and increase the 3 sales metrics that really matter?

1. Conversion rate 2. Basket size 3. Frequency of sale

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Fashion Studio Portrait

Get real results from real-world experts

Our mentors, stylists and retail trainers are world-class fashion leaders who have build extraordinary brands and worked with very best in the industry

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