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Do you want to become a high-converting sales leader, able to influence those around them? Then you've come to the right page.

Stop selling, start INFLUENCING

Selling is not about manipulation or convincing others to buy, it’s about understanding how people communicate and how your customer makes purchase decisions, so you never come across pushy or desperate. And no more discounting just to win a sale.


This is a science-based program that will not only reframe the way you think about sales but will completely change the way you do business forever.


This program is Perfect for?

  • You’re a Sales professional who wants a competitive edge and more career progression

  • You’re a Sales managers who needs a motivated team that can hit consistent KPI’s

  • You’re a Business owners who need to drive sales and reduce costs

  • Your income is tied to your sales ability

  • You’re interested in behavioural psychology and influential communication

  • You’ve brand new to sales and new to fastback your success

  • You’ve a season pro who wants a new perspective and a fresh look at sales

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How this Program is Different?

The Old-fashioned retail training

Cringy opening lines

Inauthentic communication 


Forceful selling

High-pressure closing techniques

Discounting to win business all = A lost customer


This program is about consumer psychology

Undercover the 5 Sales archetypes

Reframe Social conditioning

Learn The Trust matrix

Tap in to The 9 Buying triggers

Adopt A Customer-Centric sales approach

Create irresistible offers all + a memorable brand experience


How you influence others is about communication

This is not just a sales program it’s an advanced communications program that will help you ion sales, negotiation, conflict resolution, and leadership


Influencing others is all not just what you say its how and when you say something. But more importantly it’s about active listening so you can identify when and how to respond to the person in front of you to positively impact their decision making.


No more generic sales lines and out dated word-tracks that feel inauthentic, this program helps you think strategically, connect authentically and act intuitively so you are an effective, high-converting sales person, and charismatic individual.

What you get? A proven framework


Lesson 1. Buying Triggers 

Knowing the triggers takes away the desperation of selling. Takes you from a convincer to an influencer. There are 9 core driving needs of every customer and once you know how to use these, life gets simple.


Lesson 2. Create Value  

Customers buy on value not on price, even if they are price sensitive. Learn how to build in value through your service model because in today's digital age product parity is unavoidable so it’s your service model that is your competitive advantage.


Lesson 3. Solutions Selling

Stop adding on and instead offer a complete solution to your customer’s pain.

This strategy is not only about how to present this idea to your customer but also to change the way you think about your own product or service offering right from the start to help increase basket size



Lesson 4. Reframing Sales

How to understand social conditioning and overcome buyer’s resistance, which makes the sales process fun, easy and comfortable for both parties.

This is where brands are build and the real opportunity exists


Lesson 5. Creating Permission

It’s simple, don’t try and sell anything to your customer until you have permission to do so. We take you through our trust matrix system to show you how you can gain permission forever


Lesson 6. Language

Talking is the tool not the objective. We teach you how to be efficient in your language and to create impact words and statements that get the job done and give you a competitive advantage.


Lesson 7. The Pitch  

We give you a pitch framework, which is customer centric so no matter what you sell the pitch feels natural and covers off on the 4 key areas of concern every one of your customer has.


Lesson 8. The Close

What can be the most awkward part of the sales journey we give you the tools, strategies and exact questions to ask to make sure you don’t waste all of the hard work up until this point and ensure you are closing sales which confidence and conviction no matter the pice point.


Lesson 9. How to Scale 

Once we’ve built this system we show you exactly how to scale it across your organisation and get maximum value long term. No more sales trainers or expensive consultants you have your own tailored conversion blueprint to profit form forever.

6 transferable skills

Meet your mentor?

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Learn from today’s fashion leaders. I’d like to share a little story from the real world

In 2007 I Open in 2007 on the eve of the GF and online and fast fashion but still achieved

Our programs director is not only the creator and coach but he’s also a business practitioner who built one of the most successful fashion retail businesses…

Dedicated to fashion professionals

Stop wasting time and money on automated programs designed for anyone,

all of MOF's programs are tailored specifically for you, the fashion professional

 People who take this program say …


 ✔ I am now more equipped to deal with conflict

 ✔ I am better able to navigate personal relationships

 ✔ I find selling easier and a lot more fun

 ✔ I now understand how to market their products or service more effectively”

 ✔ I can now influence win win situations in all aspects of their business life

I ✔  understand people more which means they can provide and inspire more


The best way to learn and retain information is through a blended-learning approach, and that's exactly what we offer with our MOF programs, short courses and mentorships.

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